Visibility of the 2012 Venus Transit

The Transit of Venus begins at the 5th of June at 10.09pm and ends at the 6th of June at 04.49am UT. These times have to be converted to the respective local times (for instance, using a time zone converter click here).

This phenomenon can be seen at many places all over the world. The pictures below show these locations, once at the beginning and second at the end of the transit.

Beginning of the Transit
End of the Transit
Daylight side of the Earth when Venus enters the Sun: From this part of the world the 1rst and 2nd contact can be observed. Daylight side of the Earth when Venus leaves the Sun: From this part of the world the 3rd and 4th contact can be observed.

For more information about these places and also to check whether the tansit can be seen at your place go to the Transit Computer of the Naval Oceanography Portal. There, you will get detailed information about "your" ingress and egress times and a about that part of the transit which you will be able to observe. The following picture shows as an example the transit visibilty in Essen, Germany, from where these projects are coordinated.

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